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Castledowns Bingo Association believes in the prevention and elimination of Workplace Violence and promotes an abuse-free environment in which all people respect one another and work together to achieve common goals.

Any act of violence committed by or against any worker or member of the public is unacceptable conduct and will not be tolerated. All reports of Violence are formally investigated, and corrective actions are in place to prevent or reduce the risk of a future similar event. 

We are committed to:

- Investigating reported incidents of violence in an objective and timely manner.

- Taking necessary corrective action and providing professional support for victims.

- Eliminating or, if that is not reasonably practicable, controlling the hazard of violence.

CBA will not disclose the circumstances related to the incident of violence or the names of the complainant(s), the person alleged to have committed the violence, and any witness, except:

- Where necessary to investigate or to take corrective action, or to inform the parties involved in the incident of the results of the investigation and any corrective action to be taken to address the incident.

- Where necessary to educate workers on the specific or general threat of violence.

- As required by law.

- Only the minimum amount of personal information under clauses (c) (b) that is necessary to inform workers of a specific or general threat of violence or potential violence.

- This policy is not intended to discourage a worker from exercising the worker's rights pursuant to any other law.

All persons dealing with a complaint shall maintain strict confidentiality. It is the responsibility of any individual who becomes aware of an incident of violence not to disclose details of the incident to any third party without prior consultation with the victim.

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