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Safety Training Policy

It is the policy of Castledowns Bingo Association to provide all-new, transferred, and promoted workers with sufficient safety training related to their job duties and work assignments. Ongoing job-specific safety training is provided to all workers in order to maintain competency. Records shall be maintained for each worker, documenting the training received and the dates of such training. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all of their workers are and have been adequately trained and are competent to the company, provincial, or federal safety standards.

- Competent Worker: Adequately qualified, suitably trained with sufficient experience to safely perform work without supervision or with only a minimal degree of supervision. The term worker may refer to a CBA worker, volunteer, or subcontractor.

Training Competency & Meetings Procedures

The most important action item for an employer is to meet their duty under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to ensure that workers are aware of their responsibilities. This can be accomplished through orientation sessions, general training, and awareness sessions, supervision reviewing Job Hazard Assessments, Safe Work Practices, Procedures and Manufactures Users Instructions, to name a few.

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