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Maintaining current health and safety statistics in a central location is a significant part of a good health and safety program. Many policies, procedures, notices, statements, and reports are necessary to fulfill legal, health, and safety program requirements. Records, reports and other performance measures must be reviewed to establish areas of the safety program needing improvement. This review is an essential element that will help prevent future accidents and injuries. Historical data shall be collected and utilized to monitor the effectiveness of the Health, Safety, and Environmental Program and to guide changes to the program. Documented records provide the information necessary to assess the program, change it, and plan future activities. Analyzing records provides an opportunity to determine trends, determine success, and improve our safety performance.

Records/Statistics for each site will include, but not be limited, to the following:

- Safety Orientation and Training Records for each worker.

- Inspection Reports (as applicable).

- Incident Reports for all incidents/near misses.

- Medical reports related to investigation reports.

- Hazard Assessments.

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