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All workers/subcontractors will use proper PPE when and where required, (not required for office type work). While steps have been taken to control hazards on our sites, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will further reduce the risk of injury.

Managers and supervisors are to determine PPE requirements for their operations. Workers/contractors may be required to supply some PPE personally. It is the responsibility of each worker, subcontractor, volunteer, to use the PPE when required, also:

- All PPE is inspected by the user, according to the manufacturer's instructions at the time of issue.

- Following OH&S code part 18, workers must inspect PPE before use, not use PPE to perform a function for which it was not designed, and ensure to use and wear it correctly as specified in the code and with the training and instruction received. 

- All PPE is maintained by the worker according to manufacturers' instructions and recommendations.

- All PPE that is damaged, in need of service, or questionable reliability, are removed from service immediately and identified to a supervisor.

- PPE must not be modified or changed except according to manufacturers' instructions.

- All PPE provided by the company or worn by a worker must be approved to the appropriate jurisdictional (CSA, ANSI, NIOSH) standards. Any equipment not supplied by the company must be approved in writing by the management.

- The company will provide care, use, and maintenance instructions before issuing PPE.

- Violation of this PPE Policy are subject to discipline as outlined in the "Disciplinary Procedures" up to and including dismissal.

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