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Castledowns Bingo Association values our workers as our greatest asset and strives to provide a hazard-free, safe, and healthy workplace that complies with all Federal and Provincial Health and Safety regulations. In dealing with workplace hazards, (CBA) has adopted this policy to provide employees with guidelines for completing Job Hazard Assessments. Proper hazard assessments provide us with the information required to protect employees against work-related injuries and illnesses.


- Hazard: An object, condition or behavior with the potential to interrupt or interfere with the orderly progress of activity or a situation, circumstance or thing that may be dangerous to the safety or health of the worker.

- Risk: The probability that during a period of activity a hazard will result in an incident with a definable consequence.

- Job Hazard Assessment: A formal procedure used to identify hazards (and the risk of) that may create losses to people, equipment, materials, property, or the environment.


Castledowns Bingo Association will maintain a hazard assessment for office work and administration. Castledowns Bingo Association's HSE program is designed to identify, assess, and control hazards to reduce the risk of harm to workers, equipment, and property.

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