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Castledowns Bingo Association is committed to promoting a safe and healthy environment for its workers, subcontractors, and visitors. Such an environment is possible only when each worker can perform his or her job/duties in a safe, secure, and effective manner, and remains able to do so throughout the entire time they are working. Workers who are not Fit for Duty may present a safety risk to themselves and to others.

This procedure does not apply to workers with short-term, infectious/communicable diseases (flu, colds). If a worker exhibits symptoms of an infectious/contagious disease, the supervisor may ask the worker to leave the workplace to have his/her symptoms evaluated by the worker's own health care provider.

In addition to being physically fit, a fitness for duty, an evaluation may be conducted to address behavioral changes in a work that may pose a potential threat to self or others in the workplace. The application of this policy is not intended as a substitute for Castledowns Bingo Association policies or procedures related to chronic performance or behavioral problems or as a substitute for discipline. Supervisors shall continue to address performance or behavioral problems through the performance appraisal procedures and to implement appropriate corrective or disciplinary actions. 

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