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Castledowns Bingo Association is committed to ensuring that appropriate first aid is provided as quickly as possible for an injured employee. We will provide and maintain a first aid program for the purpose of minimizing the suffering related to job-related injuries and illnesses, reducing absenteeism, maintaining productivity, and meeting WorkSafeAB regulatory requirements. Where required, CBA provides and maintains first aid services, supplies, and equipment as specified by the Workers Compensation Act and the OH&S Regulation. First Aid services, supplies, and equipment are made available to all employees during working hours. CBA provides and maintains appropriate first aid services, supplies, and equipment suitable for the degree of hazards of the job, travel time to a hospital, and several employees as required by OH&S Regulation. Annual First Aid assessments are conducted by the first aid attendant with the assistance of management. First aid coverage is based on the results of these assessments. 

Advisors and Callers at Casteldowns Bingo Association are required to have First Aid training. 

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