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It is the overall aim of the fire prevention policy to minimize the risks to staff, employees, clients, volunteers, and visitors from an emergency that may arise from a fire. This is achieved by ensuring precautions are taken to avoid fires occurring and by providing that procedures for minimizing the effects of an outbreak of fire and evacuating the premises are in place.

All worksite activities must be carried out in a manner that minimizes the risk of fire to the greatest extend possible. 

All workers must be given adequate instruction in the fire prevention and evacuation procedures applicable to their workplace. 

All fire prevention and response duties must be assigned to qualified persons.

All required maintenance of fire prevention systems, fire alarm systems, and fire extinguishing systems must be carried out at the prescribed intervals.

- Fire extinguishers at Castledowns Bingo Association are located in the cash cage, by the men's washroom, the concession, and the lounge.

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