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Further to the policy statement on Health and Safety, Castledowns Bingo  Association fully supports the following guiding principles for Environmental Stewardship, which state:

- CBA is committed to the protection of the environment. It is the company's policy to manage all aspects of its business to ensure the environmental standards and laws are met. 

- If an environmental incident does occur, we will endeavour to minimize its impact and provide our full cooperation to our customers and government agencies.

Care of the environment is a responsibility shared by the company and all its workers. All workers are to conduct their work in a manner that fulfills this commitment. 

Hazards to the Environment caused by construction activities must be identified and controlled through the CBA's Job Hazard Analysis tool. Potential impacts on the environment are to be assessed and controlled in the same manner as any other job site hazard. Some Environmental Impact Controls to be considered in project planning are as follows:

- Recycle of beverage containers.

- CBA shall conserve water where possible (sweeping instead of hose washing).

- Concession grease containment and recycle.

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