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Castledowns Bingo Association is proud to have a reputation for hiring great people and setting high standards for business performance. That reputation is meaningless unless we succeed in keeping our people, products, the public, and the environment in which we operate safely from harm.

It is widely recognized that stress, fatigue, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on the job poses serious safety and health risks, not only for the individual involved but for all those who work with or otherwise come into contact with that individual.

The Company believes that not being under the influence of mind-altering drugs and alcohol at work will lessen work-related incidents. This is a crucial step to ensuring that our workers, subcontractors, families, and communities that depend on them remaining safe. This belief has been the foundation of the company's policy of zero tolerance.

As an industry leader, Castledowns Bingo Association has set a goal for its operations of ZERO workplace incidents or injuries. This program is a cornerstone of the company's efforts to achieve and maintain that goal.

Illegal Drug: Any drug, substance, chemical, or agent that is unlawful to use, possess, or sell in Canada.

Paraphernalia: Any personal property associated with the use of any drug, substance, chemical, or agent that is unlawful to possess in Canada.

Prescription Drug: Any drug, substance, chemical or agent that requires a prescription from a licensed medical or dental practitioner to sell.

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